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Begin with the End in Mind: Case Planning

The technology today that supports investigations of all types is astounding. These systems and methods can probe all manner of data sets, pulling valuable information from a multitude of sources to support investigative work. However, the time has not yet come for the computer that testifies in court as the investigator or witness. It remains essential for the human investigator to understand how to plan and work with the technology provided and use it in an effective investigation. No matter what technology they use, the investigator needs to inform supervisors and action officials of the status of the investigation. The responsibility still comes down to the investigator to assess needs, measure results, and pull the case together, and this comes down to effective planning.


In this webinar, we will discuss considerations in planning for an effective investigation. Topics we will discuss include:

• A critical thinking approach in case planning;

• Considering necessary expertise, tools and resources;

• The process of violation mapping;

• Incorporating planning as a case management tool.


Participants can expect to gain information that will enable them to better organize, control, and communicate their investigative work.